Studio d'enregistrement dans un cadre intime, calme et agréable au coeur de Paris. Notre studio est spécialisé dans les voix off et doublages pour tous types de programs. Documentaires, animations, web video et multimedia.
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a few words about Out of the Blue (OOTB) Recording Studio

a few words about Out of the Blue and its founder léonard michon

Every successful company has a great story behind it. Behind every great venture there is a driven individual who overcame every obstacle. Out of the Blue has both.

It all started, in the early 90's, in the classrooms of the University Of Colorado Denver, where Léonard Michon, founder and operator of Out of the Blue was studying for his Bachelor in Recording Arts. As part of a term final, Léonard wrote a paper on his plan to set up a home audio recording studio and on how to promote it. The idea flourished in his mind, one day he would design and manage his own recording and post-production studio.

But after graduation, the American dream and experience were cut short, as Léonard for personal reasons had to move back to Paris. He then, embarked on a 20 years career as a Sound Engineer for TV networks such as TPS, canal +...

In 2009, at the astonishment of his family and peers, and against all of their advice, Léonard founded Out Of the Blue. A milestone in Léonard's career.

However, this wasn’t a sudden decision that was made out of the blue, but rather the fulfillment of a long time dream, and the strong desire to design and setup a Post Production Studio according to Léonard’s likings and expertise.

The result is astonishing and one could only describe it as a “Boutique” Recording and Post Production Sound Studio. a recording studio with a "Boutique" Feeling

Out of the Blue

Location and ... Location
Conveniently located in Paris center, Out of The Blue studio is only a few minutes away from Paris airports, train stations and public transportation.

25 years of experience
We are experts at what we do. Clients such as France Television, Canal+, QooQ have trusted us with their audio production.

Bilingual team, English and French
Being bilingual, facilitates communication between talents, crew and production members.

Kids friendly studio
Out of the Blue caters to young talents by being flexible and understanding. We specialize in recording and directing children. We work around their school schedule and availability. A baby sitter can also watch over the kids between their different takes.

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