Studio d'enregistrement dans un cadre intime, calme et agréable au coeur de Paris. Notre studio est spécialisé dans les voix off et doublages pour tous types de programs. Documentaires, animations, web video et multimedia.
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Sound Design & Editing

sound design services

Manipulating sounds and creating new ones to produce the right audio effect.
From audio branding (audio signatures and jingles) to more complex sound editing, sound design can transform your visual production. It sets the desired mood and elicits emotions among your targeted audience that visuals alone can rarely accomplish.

To help you engage with your audience and to add depth and truthfulness to your program, Out of the Blue can access its huge bank of samples and various synths. We can use them as such or mix them together to come up with a new sound.

Well, we understand that this might not be enough and in order to get the uniqueness you require, we can also create sound from scratch, using acoustical tricks and creativity.

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  • Canal plus family
  • extraits de doublages client: Grand Angle Productions
  • france television logo
  • qooq