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Recording Studio in Paris with a "Boutique” feeling.

Recently renovated and soundproofed, Out of the Blue (OOTB) Recording Studio is located on the ground floor of a typical Parisian building. The studio has direct access to the building’s courtyard, where you can quietly
our work: voice over, dubbing, sound design, music composition samplesOur work
Professional Quality recording and post production audio work. Out of the Blue (OOTB) Recording Studio has worked on thousands of audio projects ranging from voice over & dubbing to music composition. Clients such as France Television, Canal+ Family, QooQ have trusted us
No extra bells and Whistles just the best. The studio is optimized for voice over recording and sound design. Pro tools, neuman, avalon, akg, shure, digidesign, Event speakers, high end microphones, sure AKG; Mosaic” software by “Norblurway and adaptors.

The story behind the studio !

Every successful company has a great story behind it. Behind every great venture there is a driven individual who overcame every obstacle. Out of the Blue (OOTB) Recording Studio has both.
It all started, in the early 90's, in the classrooms of the University Of Colorado Denver, where Léonard Michon, founder and operator of Out of the Blue (OOTB) Recording Studio was studying for his Bachelor in Recording Arts. As part a term final, Léonard wrote a paper on his plan to set up a home audio recording studio and on how to promote it. The idea flourished in his mind, one day he would design and manage his own recording and post-production studio.

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Voice Over Recording and Dubbing

To make sure the sync is perfect, Out of the Blue (OOTB) Recording Studio records in sync with “Mosaic” software by “Norblurway“

Sound Design

Manipulating sounds and creating new ones to produce the right audio effect

Music Composition

Sacem members, we compose, score and arrange music in various styles.
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Did you know?

Out of the Blue (OOTB) Recording Studio Miles Davis Album "Out of the Blue" is the title of a song written by Miles Davis. This title was first released in 1951, in the album “diggin”. Take our Trivia Quiz
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